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I feel blessed to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Seeing it day in day out it is easy to forget what we see as mundane is in fact so magical! The green fields, the wild flowers, the river, the blue skies. Makes me feel alive! But it also makes me think about how callous we are, makes me question how culpable I am in this callousness…
I’ve been reading a lot lately, mainly on social media, about the methane from animal farming being a major contributor to accelerating global warming. So naturally that raises questions in my head, gets me thinking, wondering, pondering. What’s the solution then? Let’s face it, all of humanity is not going to stop eating meat, that just ain’t gonna happen. So do we move towards other protein sources rather than beef and lamb – ostrich? Poultry? (Is ostrich poultry?!) But does their waste produce the same levels of methane? Or more? But maybe they take up less land space so we’re uprooting fewer trees to make room for them? Or we could all eat more vegetable and grain protein, hypothetically. But how much more land would need to be made available to farm those extra vegetables crops? Will we need substantially more crop yield to make the swap? More deforestation. Is that worse than the methane problem?
And what about the root cause? The reason there is more methane is because the global demand for meat has gone up. Humans are reproducing at explosive rates, rates the planet just cannot sustain. So how do we address that… There are fundamental flaws with putting a legal cap on the number of children people can have. Apart from the issue of freedom and choice, when the generation thus produced is actually the bulk of the working population they will be burdened with taking care of a geriatric sector massively outnumbering them. Surely that’s not fair, it’s not their fault their predecessors royally messed up. But what’s the alternative? Carry on as we are, our great grandkids might not have a planet left!! So what is one to do? Like literally, what is “one” to do?! Does one person really make a difference at all? Especially in today’s world… After all, I’ve been recycling since I was a teenager, but then I love hamburgers and drive a 4×4… Does that make all my “Eco” choices pointless?