The build up to Rio, has reminded me of the awesome weekend of sport not that long ago – 2016 brought us absolutely amazing  Wimbledon finals!!

But it did make me think about the recent statement by Djokovic – should men be paid more because more people watch the men’s game? Of course not, that’s ridiculous on so many levels!!  Women have shown time and time again they can be as good, if not better, than men in so many fields.  However it works both ways imho… if women are being paid the same money then I think they too should be playing 5 set matches in grand slams – or better still, there should just be tennis, not men’s or women’s! Serena vs. Andy, now THAT would be a match worth watching – and my money would be on Williams 😀

I’m all for removing gender bias wherever possible – but then if that equality is achieved just as I don’t approve of men getting perks just because they have more testosterone, I don’t expect any special concessions for being a woman…