“The Earth does not belong to Man, Man belongs to the Earth”

And yet Man has so ruthlessly plundered this glorious planet.  At the risk of sounding like a wannabe-hippie-bush-chick, on my recent trip to the African bush I felt like I had gone back home.  Suffering from chronic fatigue and stress, a constant brain fog plaguing my days for what felt like a life time.  Cranky, sleep deprived, unhappy.  That is how I arrived.

But I got drawn into the magic of the life that surrounded me; fell into rhythm with the Earth.  Appreciated once again the miracle of being. What a perfect totality God has created in nature – the sheer variety of organisms and complex integration that makes an ecosystem thrive is mind boggling.  Everything and everyone has a purpose, a job.  There are uses in the plants. There are uses in predators. There are uses in prey. There are sophisticated defence mechanisms at play, both in the flora and the fauna.  The bush fires that consume everything are also what trigger the germination of dormant seeds – new life. There are even ways to clear up the vast amounts of poop produced by this plethora of animals!  Rejuvenated, feeling alive, content.  That is how I left.

Content.  I rediscovered that on my African sojourn.  Realised we don’t need so much… stuff.  And we certainly don’t need rhino horn and ivory!  Hats off to the devotion of the brave people at Marakele National Park and other similar institutions who work tirelessly, sometimes in the face of mortal danger, for the conservation and rehabilitation of our sick planet.  It makes me feel like we haven’t reached the point of no return, like there is still hope. Of course if you’re a Northern White Rhino you might beg to differ in light of your recent “officially extinct” status.  Let’s all hope and pray that that is not the fate of the tens of other species on the endangered list.  Let’s all do something to stop this self destruction – whatever it is we can do in our capacity – recycle, donate to conservation organisations, say no to plastic products, save water, educate, promote peace not war, empower poverty-stricken communities to make a sustainable living by supporting “green” microfinance projects . DO something.  Anything.  It all adds up in the end; so let’s stack the odds in our planet’s favour – in OUR favour.

“Take nothing but memories. Leave nothing but footprints”