Happiness is certainly a way of travelling, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the destination too – and I believe it will be the destination if your journey was as pleasurable as ours was!
airplane window.JPG

Loading up on endorphins before boarding the plane went a long way to quell any niggling worries about flying that I had… I was determined to enjoy each part of the journey and I found humour even in silly little things 🙂
Happiness is one of those rare resources that actually increases when shared. We were really lucky to meet some awesome people along the way which enhanced our journey no end! To be honest we were really worried about being stuck with an uptight boring bunch but ended up sharing the experience with a delightful family of fellow guests, warm hosts and a supercool guide who all helped us make memories we will cherish for a lifetime. Thanks guys!!
Though sad when this epic trip came to an end, I left with the resolve that from now on I’m going to make the most of this precious time we have been given – enjoying the little things, travelling and exploring when we can – in every spare moment we’ve had since we came back.  Even going Aerosmith on the weekends (waking up early – cuz I literally don’t wanna miss a thing!!) And guess what? I think I’ve reached HAPPY!!
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