Up until last month I’ve associated such sights with the Provence, so imagine my glee at discovering this amethyst sea just round the corner from me.. in Surrey!!
To match the rather glorious summer weather we’ve had this year, it was delightful to get hit in the sinuses with a healthy dose of the heady lavender aroma from the second you roll down the car window to pay the very reasonable £1/adult fee.  There is enough comfortable parking available   – a word of warning though, it’s a dusty affair so get the car washed AFTER your visit (I learnt the hard way lol)
A primarily outdoorsy type day, try and go on a dry, preferably sunny day to make the most of it. We were incredibly lucky to have a virtually cloudless azure sky overhead making for some pretty amazing photos!  Which was great since no picking is allowed so having a stroll and taking pictures is the bulk of what you can do before hitting the cafe and gift shop.  There is a tractor ride too, which the kiddies seem to enjoy. In the shop, you can buy bunches of lavender, plus honey and an array of lavender laced goodies & cosmetics, along with little trinkets and knick-knacks. The cafe has a (limited) variety of treats on offer too, I quite enjoyed the lavender lemonade and cupcake but it may be too soapy tasting for some. Not to worry if you’re of the latter category, they have more traditional offerings too. The cafe area is on the smaller side so do be prepared to queue and wait a few minutes to find a seat. Let’s be honest though, it’s not a hard ask since you can still enjoy the sights and smells while you wait. Unless you have a screaming tired toddler, which I don’t, so…
Lavender treats.jpg
All round makes for a nice relaxed summer afternoon, a little reprieve. And you don’t need to write off the whole day to go. An hour or two (excluding journey time) is plenty to indulge in this leisurely lavender luxury, perfect to fill in a gap in an afternoon with the kids or for a catch up with a friend.. or just to try it out! The only thing to mind is if you have a bee sting allergy, as there obviously quite a few around – minding their own buzzines I should add! But taking your Epi-pen with you if you are allergic can’t be a bad idea.
lavenber bee.jpg
The farm is open to the public till mid September so we can’t go again this year probably but if we have any spare afternoons next summer will defo make a pit stop again!