Desperately clinging on to summer! Fire up the barbecue, get some friends together, pitcher of Pimms, throw in some balloons, and we’ve got ourselves a garden party!
I love summer! It’s definitely my favourite time of the year, and seeing hints of autumn always stir up a twinge of sadness that it’s going to be over soon. The degree of irritation I feel though when people start talking about Christmas in September is a tad more than a twinge – I have to restrain myself from some serious throttling (figuratively of course!).
So what is it about summer that we love so much? Scientifically speaking the longer daylight hours mean more happy hormones in the brain. But it’s not just that, obviously the serotonin helps, but there is more to it than that. The sheer joy of school holidays, the gleeful little giggles, transports me back to when I was kid, how exciting those few weeks in summer were! Just thinking about it, the sense that these kids are now as happy as we used to be, brings a smile to my face, melts away some of the stress of the work day during my drive in to work. Not to mention, the actual drive in to work is a breeze with the schools closed haha .. I’m sure that reduces the stress even more! And then there are the long evenings. It’s still light when I finish my crazy long day! I still work the same schedule and there are still 24 hours in the day, but the day isn’t over till the sun goes down and so it’s fine to go out for dinner or catch a movie or even just enjoy a leisurely long walk with the dog. Do you know what else makes the day feel longer? Lunch! Who wants to have a cold salad for lunch in the winter, but it’s the best, easiest and quickest lunch that is actually enjoyable in the heat. And the weekends are way more fun too, fairs, festivals, days out and of course barbecues!  Let’s not forget the wardrobe factor, I adore my strappy sandals and frufru skirts, the light cotton dresses.
So yes, I want to cling on it for long as I can, stretching it out with all my might! If it were up to me winter would be restricted to December, and maybe January if I was feeling generous!